Ways to Protect Yourself Before Disaster Occurs

Flood Restoration Washington DCThere are not many events which may disrupt your life more than a fire or flood in your house. Your house is your haven – some place to feel secure and safe. Therefore, if something occurs that takes it away from you, it is normal for your family and you to feel overwhelmed and hopeless afterward.

You want everything to go back to normal and you cannot do it alone. You’ll need advice and reassurance which will quickly make things better.
You may turn to your insurance provider and agent you’ve been paying premiums to faithfully for years. All you’ll ask for is for your valuable belongings you lost in the disaster to become replaced. Then you find out about the trouble of proving what was in the house and what their condition was. Eventually, you might get replacements for all of your lost valuables, yet the process of haggling with your adjuster may take a lot of energy and time.

How you can avoid this

1. Ask the agent if there is an available worksheet you can use to make an inventory of all of your possessions.

2. Make a list of all of your possessions, even the ones which mostly just have sentimental value, and capture photos or video of everything. Make certain that you scan or take photos of all of your paper receipts.

3. Protect your paperwork. All your photos, lists, and scanned documents must be put into a safe location. Most individuals use the “cloud,” – online file system which may be accessed from all computers.

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