Ways to Use a Mold Test Kit

mold test kit

In order to test for mold spores inside the air you are breathing, you will have to buy a mold test kit, which costs $20 – $45. Here, Triangle Legacy lists how to use a mold kit:

  1. Shut the doors and windows in the room you will be testing 24 hours before you perform the test. It’ll allow possible mold spores to congregate without having to be disturbed by drafts.


  1. Take out the kit’s contents from its packaging. Usually, you will see at least a shallow glass or plastic petri dish that has a label and lid. The interior of the petri dish was treated with a substance referred to as a “microbial culture” which promotes mold spore growth. It ought to help you gather an adequate sample while testing for mold in the quantity of time suggested by the manufacturer.


  1. Take off the lid from the petri dish then put the dish upon a flat surface at around table height. Leave petri dish untouched for around 48 hours. That time might vary somewhat depending upon the manufacturer’s directions. At this time, limit traffic inside the room during the testing period if you can to keep from disturbing the air. With a strip of painter’s tape, cover the doorway, if you have to, as a reminder to household guests and members that this space is off limits temporarily.


  1. Put the lid back on petri dish after waiting time passes, and place one layer of tape around the seam in which the lid meets the petri dish. Either electric tape or scotch tape works well, yet don’t use a tape that is hard to remove, like duct tape.


  1. Jot down today’s date on the label that is enclosed inside the kit and place the label at the bottom of the dish.


  1. Put the taped dish in a dark area, like on a closet shelf, or a dresser drawer.


  1. Check the dish in 2 days for indication of mold growth inside the dish. If mold exists, it’ll appear like the mold you would see growing on old food inside the refrigerator.


  1. Allow 3 – 8 weeks to receive results.