What Are Some Common Causes of Mold Odors and Growth?

mold odor

Homeowners don’t like hearing that they have mold inside their house. It isn’t something anyone has the desire to consider. Mold growth frequently leads to bad smells. Unfortunately, mold may be difficult to find, identify, and treat because it usually lurks in spaces that are not easily visible. Some areas that mold may grow involve:

  • Exterior. Roofing problems, incorrect grading, improper caulking, clogged gutters, and much more lead to the build-up of mold on the exterior of a home.
  • Living Spaces. Leaking windows, appliances leaking, cracks in caulking, plumbing leaks, and much more all can lead to mold throughout the house.
  • Crawlspaces. Ventilated areas and lack of a vapor barrier, in conjunction with clutter and humidity, may lead to mold in the crawlspace.
  • Basements. Clutter, high humidity, cracks in the floor or wall, and unsealed sump pumps may place you at risk for mold inside your basement.
  • Inside the Attic. A leaking roof, improperly installed or insufficient insulation, improper venting, lack of ventilation, as well as lack of air flow all can be causes of mold inside an attic.

Here is what it’s possible to expect from Triangle Legacy’s odor removal services.

Mold Testing and Investigation. We begin by doing a complete assessment of the spaces in question. We will identify the mold’s source and steps needed to repair the issue at hand.

Containment. It is important to stop the spread of spores to other spaces of your property or home. Correct containment of the affected space has to happen before remediation.

Cleaning the Air. Triangle Legacy uses HEPA filtration air scrubbers that clean the air and extract impurities. It’s step one in ensuring full odor removal.

Clean Affected Area. All surfaces with mold are cleaned using a HEPA filter vacuum then wiped down using a mold cleaner.

Mold Mitigation. Triangle Legacy’s EPA registered solution gets applied to every surface with a fine spray. It’ll attack mold in spaces that cannot be reached by other methods.

Start with Odor Removal Today

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