What are Some Common Mold Causes?

Common Mold CausesThe more you understand about mold damage, the more worried you become about safeguarding your house from it.

What are the Common Causes of Mold in the Home?

Highlighted below are the common causes of mold damage:

Leakages in Pipes: If there’s a leaking pipe inside your house, moisture might accumulate around the pipe spaces, providing the perfect breeding ground for the growth of mold.

Damaged roofing: Damaged roofing may allow mold spores and water in, regardless of what caused the damage.

Condensation: If your house is especially humid, condensation may form on the HVAC system, on the windows, and in your air ducts. Condensation sometimes happens in such a massive volume that it’ll create excess moisture in hidden areas.

Ventilation: Critical sections of your house, like the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen, require sufficient ventilation. Without sufficient ventilation, moisture and humidity from showering may accumulate then cause the growth of mold.

Source of food: Mold has life; therefore, it requires food to replicate and survive. Your home has sources of food, no matter how well you keep it clean.

Mold can take hold of all types of things around your house. It’ll feed on wall insulation, and it’ll feed on the back of gypsum Sheetrock. It eats at the surface of luggage and clothing. Mold eats residue that is left on smooth tile surfaces, as well as microscopic materials lodged inside porous flooring such as carpets. Plus, it likes damp cardboard, fabrics, and newspapers.

Removing sources of food for mold is neither possible nor practical. The trick includes controlling additional elements, particularly the moist, dim, and warm spaces in which mold likes to hide. This includes an oxygen supply.

Lack of sunlight: Mold cannot grow in spaces that have excessive sunlight. The UV rays in natural sunlight kill mold’s cellular structure. That is why you usually discover mold outside in dark or dim spaces like underneath a forest’s canopy or on a north-facing rock face and tree trunk.

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