What are Some Warning Signs that You Have a Mold Problem in Your Home?

mold problem

You could be sharing your home with more than just your loved ones. Indications that you might be experiencing a mold problem include:


An unusual odor

Mold emits a pungent smell. When it’s confined to one space of your house, you might notice an unpleasant smell when you’re in that space. Sometimes mold will live behind wallpaper or inside the walls, and so you may not instantly relate the odor to a mold issue. If you notice a persistent, unusual smell in your house, the culprit might be mold. The best method of determining if the odor is deriving from mold is to employ a certified mold remediator to come and check it out. Triangle Legacy has the ability to run tests that determine if you’re experiencing a problem with mold in your house.


Appearance of mold

In the bathtub or shower stall, it’s easy to tell the difference in normal soap scum and mold. But, in the cellar or basement, you might need to investigate a bit further to locate the mold. Mold takes hold of moist areas; therefore, if you have a floor or wall in which moisture gathers, mold could also be there. It may hide in dark areas or corners all over the house. No space is immune.


Known moisture source

If your residence recently flooded, the roof recently developed a leak or you are aware of a water ingress source into your house, you know you have a possibility for a future mold issue. Even if you are not certain what the moisture source is, once you find that you have moisture, you must take it as a warning sign of a future possible mold issue. Fixing and identifying the source of moisture is important to stopping or preventing the growth of mold inside your house.


Are you Experiencing a Mold Issue?

If you suspect that you might have a mold issue, you will have to put your mold remediation expert to work immediately. Mold will become a severe problem quickly so you will not want to waste time.