What are the 5 Stages of Hoarding?

hoarding disorderHere, we cover the 5 stages of hoarding:

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Hoarding Stage 1

The first stage of hoarding is the least serious. The home of a stage 1 hoarder might involve:

• No more than 3 spaces that have animal feces or urine all throughout the residence.
• All stairways and doors are accessible
• No noticeable odors and light amounts of clutter

Hoarding stage 1 includes a couple of indications that a person is suffering with a hoarding disorder. A lack of clutter may conceal the condition, yet the person still may have a hard time tossing out items and excessively shop for items they don’t need.

Hoarding Stage 2

Hoarding stage 2 will require a blocked exit from an individual’s home, one appliance that hasn’t worked for at least 6 months or the existence of a malfunctioning HVAC system for at least 6 months. This stage of hoarding includes extra clutter around the house, especially in 2 or more rooms, and narrow pathways all throughout the house. There also must be a light amount of mildew inside the kitchen or one bathroom.

Hoarding Stage 3

Homes within hoarding stage 3 have noticeable clutter outside the house, which includes items which usually are inside. At least 2 appliances have been broken for 6 months, and one space of the home has light structural damage. The quantity of pets exceeds regulations. Animal cages and tanks are neglected. There’s audible and visible rodent evidence, spider webs, fleas, and narrow paths through stairways and halls.

Hoarding Stage 4

Homes within hoarding stage 4 have visible mildew and mold all throughout the building, structural damage that’s at least 6 months old, sewage buildup and odors. The quantity of pets exceeds regulations by about 4, and there are over 3 noticeable spaces that have aging animal feces and urine. Rotting food is on surfaces and the bedroom is unusable.

Hoarding Stage 5

Hoarding stage 5, the most serious kind of hoarding disorder, includes serious structural damage to the home. No running water or electricity, broken walls, fire hazards, and noticeable rodents and additional non-pet animals are a couple of the traits of residences within hoarding stage 5.

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