What are the most common carpet cleaning problems?

Keeping your carpet looking its best isn’t always easy. There are dozens of things that can affect the look and feel of your carpet. Some of these issues are very simple to address and others require a more professional approach to correct. Here are some of the most common carpet cleaning issues and how they can be addressed.

Carpet Shrinkage

Shrinking can occur if your carpet is exposed to excess moisture. This often occurs during do-it-yourself home cleanings or if a smaller cleaning tool was used. In some cases, the area may be flooded. Either way, the water needs to be extracted using a specialized tool. This will help restore the carpet to its original shape. If the carpet still appears distorted, you may need to re-lay the carpet.

Color Distortion

Color change can be a reaction to certain cleaning chemicals. In order to avoid color distortion, test a small amount of cleaner on a well-hidden area of the room before you use it all over. Keep in mind that excess water and dirt can also change the overall appearance of your carpet.

Carpet Rippling

Rippling is uncommon after a cleaning and is usually the result of poor installation or the materials stretching. After the area is completely dry, if the ripples are still present, you may need to reinstall the carpet to stretch it back to its original shape.

Furniture Stains and Indents

Furniture and heavy objects have a huge effect on your carpet. While these issues have little to do with how your carpet was cleaned, you may notice them more after you begin to move things around the room. One of the best ways to protect your carpet is to use clear plastic tabs between the furniture and carpet for extra cushioning.

Avoid Dirt Buildup

Dirt is harder and harder to remove the more it builds up. The only way to avoid this is with regular cleanings. In addition to vacuuming and keeping the area free of debris, make sure your room has good air flow. You should also make sure to schedule regular professional carpet cleaning services. By scheduling regular cleanings, you can rest assured knowing the dirt has been completely extracted from the carpet.

There are several carpet cleaning problems that can be remedied with the help of a professional. If you have any questions or to schedule a cleaning, please contact us today.

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