What can I do when my water heater busts before the professionals arrive?

Your water heater is a main component of your home. It provides you with warm water for your shower, washing machine, dishwasher and much more. If that component fails, it can cause a whole host of problems for your home. By taking the following steps, you can protect your home from additional damage.

  1. Turn the water heater off. If the unit busts, you want to turn it off to prevent additional damage from occurring to the unit.
  2. Shut your water off. The last thing you want is for additional water to continue pouring into the unit and onto your floor. By shutting off the water supply, you can minimize the amount of water coming from your unit.
  3. Take pictures of the damage. Make sure your document everything going on with photos. Not only do you want to photograph the unit itself but also any potential damage caused. This way you have evidence for your insurance company if requested.
  4. Move items away from the water heater. If you have any items close to the unit, you will want to get them out of the area as quickly as possible to prevent them from getting damaged as well. You want to minimize the damage as much as possible.
  5. Contact your insurance company. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might have to file a claim with your insurance company to help offset some of the costs involved with the repair.
  6. Call in a professional to repair and clean up the area. It’s important that you have a professional come out and take a look at what you have going on and what needs to be done to fix the problem. You want to ensure the job is done correctly to protect your home from further damage and eliminate the threat of mold forming in your environment.
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