What do I do if my carpet buckles after professional cleaning?

Believe it or not, carpet buckling is actually common after a professional cleaning. It may be the last thing you want to see, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious issue. Rippling and buckling often happens naturally as the foam under the carpet starts to break down or the materials begin to stretch. In some extreme cases, the carpet may need to re-installed, but most of the time the carpet begins to look “normal” after it has been air dried.

Dry Your Carpet

If you noticed rippling or buckling immediately after cleaning, the best thing you can do is dry your carpet. Make sure the air in the room is well-circulated by opening a few windows or setting up a fan. This will help the fibers dry quicker and can eliminate issues like humidity that can affect carpet stretching.

Keep in mind that the weather can also affect how your carpet wrinkles and dries. In winter, for example, carpet backing can become very stiff, but when the weather begins to get warmer, it softens creating wrinkles, bubbles, and other imperfections. These might have become more prominent after your professional carpet cleaning.

How to Prevent Future Issues

If your carpet buckled after a professional cleaning, it is likely to do it again during your next session. One way to avoid future issues is to use less product on the carpet. Let your technician know that your carpet has a history of buckling so they know to reduce the amount. They can also take special care and use gentler tools to help prevent the issue.

What to Do If Wrinkles and Buckles Don’t Go Away

If the issue doesn’t correct itself, you will need to reinstall your carpet. A professional carpet installer can stretch your carpet so that it doesn’t buckle after installation. They can also ensure that you have the proper amount of padding.

If you live in a very humid area, you may also want to invest in a dehumidifier. You should also avoid placing too many heavy objects on your carpet. If you need to move furniture within the room, lift it rather than dragging it.

Never be afraid to contact a professional to ask questions about carpet installation or care. They are always there to help!

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