What Is Causing My Cat to Mark Her Territory?

cat urine odor removal

Your kitty is not that far removed from his wild roots. He feels an instinctive urge to stake his claim by leaving his scent. While the majority of territory marking is accomplished through innocent scratching or rubbing, problems with urinating also can arise.

Why is your cat urine marking?

There are many potential reasons your pet is urine marking:

Medical problems

Medical issues may be one other urine-marking cause. Especially with male cats, a UTI (urinary tract infection) — or even worse, a blockage — might be at fault if your pet abruptly stops using his litter box or spends a ton of time attempting to urinate and licking his genitals. Some felines even will urinate and cry or attempt to urinate in the sink or bathtub to let you know something is wrong.

Mating behavior

The temptation to spray is very strong in intact felines, and the easiest solution includes getting yours spayed or neutered by 5 months old, before there even is an issue.

If you have adopted an unneutered adult feline, get him fixed as soon as you can. Neutering resolves the majority of marking problems, even in felines which have been doing it for quite some time.


Felines are creatures of habit and most react poorly to even smallest of changes within their environment. It may include everything from a new baby or pet in the home, to a caretaker’s absence, an unusual cat in the backyard and additional environmental factors we do not fully understand or notice.

Marking territory using urine is your pet’s way of handling stress. Cats feel anxious and are attempting to alleviate their anxiety by staking their boundaries. Leaving their urine odor is the most emphatic method of saying, “I am stressed.”

If you notice indications of medical issues, immediately get your pet to a vet. Urinary tract issues aren’t just painful, they may be fatal. A feline whose urinary tract is blocked may pass away in hours or experience irreversible organ damage from the build-up of toxins inside their system. Urinary tract issues do not clear up on their own and require immediate attention.

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