What is the Future of Carpeting?

carpetingThe majority of carpet technology that developed over the last two decades has been associated with using synthetic materials to accomplish three things – low cost, mark and stain resistance, and color fastness. As we have described in prior posts, carpets have vastly improved in all these categories. The following step might be something very different – intelligent carpets.

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Philips, a Dutch technology company, is trialling embedding LED lights in carpeting, in partnership with a flooring and carpet company Desso, which effectively would turn any carpeting into a lightshow. The carpeting has a LED light layer installed right under the surface, with the carpeting above the LED lights a specialized ‘light transmissive’ carpet. It permits the carpet to appear just like any other carpeting, until, of course, the LEDs light up.

Applications that are being considered by the company involve wayfinding in massive public places such as airports and entertainment and conference venues, in which critical arrows and messages may be programmed into the surface of the carpet.

Desso also is involved in another carpet technology field, that of minimising allergens based in the air, with a product referred to as AirMaster. Doctors frequently advise people who have serious allergies to take up wall-to-wall carpeting, on the basis that the carpeting may harbor the dust and fibers causing the allergic responses, which get released inside the air when the carpeting is walked on.

Carpet makers dispute that claim, stating that carpeting traps those particles. Desso has made their AirMaster carpet especially to trap then immobilise the particles in the fibers themselves, thereby removing them from the air. The carpeting does that without the use of chemicals, instead utilizing the mechanical properties of the fibers themselves to do all of the work – bigger dust particles are caught inside thicker yarns within the lower pile, and ultrafine filaments inside the top part of the pile trap and catch the particles smaller than ten micrometers.

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