What Places Does Mold Usually Hide?

Mold may grow in any space that’s damp, moist, or wet. Typically, mold growth appears in basements or drywall, yet it also grows in more secluded areas of your house. It’ll make it more challenging to detect the mold and eliminate it from your home.mold-removal-services-washington-dc


Mold can grow near windows because they’re frequently damp and mold requires moisture to grow. But, mold growth close to windows is preventable by sealing the windows and regularly wiping the windowsills down. It’ll eliminate most of the moisture and bacteria that mold needs to thrive and grow.

Wallpaper or Drywall

Mold growth is typical behind your home’s drywall or wallpaper and, unfortunately, it makes it hard to find. Bubbling, flaking, or bulging in your wall paint or wallpaper is a sign that moisture has accumulated behind it and mold is probably present.

Upholstery and Carpets

Carpets, furniture and drapes attract mold spores because they trap dust and dirt. Carpet and upholstery also can experience moisture when they become damp from a spill or leak. Thoroughly dry and clean the space if this happens and fix all leaks. Be sure to regularly vacuum to minimize mold growing on your property.

HVAC Units

Check the air conditioning units and heating ducts for moisture and mold that might lead to possible mold growth. Mold typically grows inside HVAC systems because they collect dust, dirt, and moisture from the air. It’s vital to routinely inspect the HVAC system to ensure the unit is not leaking or gathering excessive moisture.


Drip pans gather the soils, leaks, and moisture from your refrigerator and frequently go unnoticed because they are located beneath your fridge. Clean the drip pan thoroughly and wipe the inside of your fridge down to reduce mold growth.

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Mold is tricky because it may grow anywhere in your home and is hard to find in hidden places. But there are specific areas in your house which are more likely to harbor mold because of food sources and excess moisture. If you see mold in your residence, call a mold remediation pro to safely and quickly remove it.