What Season is the Best to Clean Your Air Ducts?

ductUndoubtedly, the inside air quality of most residences is substandard. During no time, is inside air pollution in residences worse than within the summer. Not just will the higher levels of ozone have an effect on interior air quality yet so will the mold spores and the moisture. In order to ensure the well-being and health of everyone living in the house, it’s vital that homeowners strive to improve interior air quality by abiding by the following tips.

Check Air Filters: All kinds of ACs, from central air conditioners to window units, have an air filter to extract debris such as smog and pollen from air. Homeowners must replace their air filter every couple of months to ensure effective functionality.

Moisture Control: Because of the heat, interior air is usually more humid in the summertime. That leads to a rise in moisture and condensation inside homes. Excessive moisture may promote growth of mold and the pollution of interior air with mold spores. Make sure that your air conditioning system is in good working order, because it’ll operate as a dehumidifier for your house.

Improves Air Circulation: Homeowners may improve interior air quality by ensuring improved air circulation all throughout the home. An improvement in air circulation increases the rate of air exchange between indoor and outside air. On a dry day, open up the windows to allow fresh air in and let humidity out. But, ensure that you keep your windows closed on humid and rainy days.

Indoor air quality, on average, is usually much worse than exterior air quality. Thankfully, so long as you follow the above tips, it’s possible to make your residence cleaner and healthier by improving interior air quality. Employ a pro to clean the air ducts in your home to improve cooling and heating efficiency and the interior air quality in your house. For more details about air duct cleaning services or any other service, do not hesitate to call Triangle Legacy today.

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