What’s Living in Your Carpet?

living-on-carpetMost carpet owners are aware of the fact that that no matter how hard they try to clean their floors and carpets by themselves, there will still be some dust mites hidden between fibers. The reason? It takes special carpet cleaning techniques typically beyond the scope of the layperson, to remove such allergens.

Disturbingly, there may be a whole battalion of germs living right under our feet that we are simply clueless about. Even more disturbing is that we are not talking just about two or three different types of microbes, but thousands of them! This, is the epitome of a scary story! All one has to do is utilize a microscope to examine their carpet fibers at close range to see what we are talking about. Or maybe not! Just take our word for it.

Most likely, you won’t be able to recognize them anyway. Apart from the more common species of bacteria, mold, fleas, ticks and dust mites, there are thousands more with funny little names, practically hidden from the naked eye.

Sustenance encourages critter survival!

Just one close look is enough to make anyone wonder how this creepy yet extraordinary biological ecosystem was created in the first place. It is important to note that such microscopic species typically feed on human dead skin, human hair, pet hair and pet dander and ultimately reproduce prolifically. Considering that humans and pets typically leave behind millions of skin flakes and pet dander every single hour, you do the math! That’s enough sustenance for even the biggest of ‘families’ for a considerable length of time! And sustenance is the key to survival!

Any carpet stains and/or mold spores present in the carpet only invite more species to the party. In the meantime, we are typically under the impression that the carpet is clean, just because it looks clean! Remember the old adage? All that glitters is not gold!

There is a biological kingdom within your carpet!

Kingdom, Phylum, Genus, Species! Some of the names of the species living within our carpets are hard to pronounce. Apart from regular fleas, silverfish, bedbugs and dust mites, there are also other species such as campylobacter, staphylococcus, norovirus, enterococci and micrococcus which can be transferred to your home via gym clothes, shoes or animals.

How to keep carpets free of contaminants

The solution is really rather simple: Thorough carpet cleaning and not just vacuuming! Where sole vacuuming only removes approximately 10% of the biological ecosystem in the carpet, thorough professional carpet cleaning makes the difference. It’s also important to maintain humidity at low levels and take care of any wet spots on the carpet right away.

Pet stain & odor removal is also a must. There are numerous unpleasant microbes in pet waste which can subsequently be transferred to your carpet and contaminate the indoor air quality. Whether they are called fleas, mold, bacteria or pollen, all species cohabitating within our carpets are simply ‘enemies of human health’.

The Last Word

So, don’t forget the importance of stain removal, room ventilation, mold decontamination and carpet cleaning on a regular basis.

Source: Image 1: http://laconiaschooldistrictfacilities.wikispaces.com/file/view/dust-mites.jpg/369624270/450×289/dust-mites.jpg