What’s the Link Between Mold and Lyme Disease?

mold remediationLyme disease, (Lyme borreliosis), is an infectious disease that is caused by Borrelia (a bacterium), spread by ticks. The most typical indication of infection is a growing space of skin redness, (erythema migrans), which appears at the tick bite’s site around one week after occurrence.

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Additional early symptoms might include headache, fever, lethargy, and body ache. If neglected, symptoms might involve loss of the capability of moving one or both parts of the face, heart palpitations, joint pains, or serious headaches with neck stiffness, among others.

Months or even years later, repeated joint pain episodes and swelling might occur. Periodically, individuals develop tingling or shooting pains in their legs and arms. Despite suitable treatment, approximately 10 – 20 percent of individuals develop memory problems, joint pains, and fatigue for at least 6 months.

Often, it becomes a lifelong trial. Within recent years, there’ve been an increasing quantity of healthcare providers drawing the connection between Lyme disease and mold exposure. The main theory is that millions of individuals live with the Lyme bacteria and they never know it.

Those folks live fully healthy or at least fairly healthy lives. It isn’t until someone with Lyme bacteria gets exposed to mold toxins that the bacteria reaches a “boiling point”. It was documented by numerous healthcare providers, authors and researchers over the last several years. It seems that human’s bodies have an amazing capability of fighting off infections, yet occasionally enough is enough. It is a toxic overload and all types of symptoms start manifesting themselves.

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