What’s the Most Durable Carpeting for Animal Stains?

most durable carpeting

Our pets are like family to us—in that they may dirty up your home just as much as any other member of the family. No matter if you have cats, dogs, or both in your house, one thing is for certain: Even the best trained pets may sometimes make a huge mess.

As you have an animal inside your house, it is inevitable that they will make a mess on your floor, whether you are potty training a new pup or your kitty hacks up a hairball. But which kind of flooring is the most durable carpeting for animal stains?

Let Triangle Legacy cover which kind of carpeting is better for handling pet stains—and how to take care of it when your pet has an accident.

Kind of Carpet That Is Better for Pets

Even though most pet parents swear by hardwood floors for the ease of cleaning things, wall-to-wall carpets don’t mean that you’ll be plagued with stained looking or bad smelling floors all of the time—however, some carpeting is more pet-friendly than other ones.

Wool carpets are soft, fluffy, and lush, yet might not be the best as you have pets in your home. It isn’t all that stain-resistant, which isn’t something you want as you have animals around. The best kind of carpeting for pets is one that’s designed of synthetic fibers such as polyester, olefin, and nylon. Synthetic fiber carpets tend to be more durable, resilient, and more importantly may withstand tough stains.

But, just because a kind of flooring is better suited for pets than another does not mean that it’s possible to ignore stains as they happen. Even if you have synthetic fiber carpets, it still is good practice to clean animal stains directly after they occur so that odor and bacteria do not sink to the carpet padding, causing a permanent odor on your carpet.

Triangle Legacy Provides Pet Stain Removal

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