When You Need Residential Water Damage Restoration Services

water damage repair serviceOne common source of water damage in residence’s is a water heater. If you fell victim to water damage, call your local water damage restoration pros – Triangle Legacy. The most common water heater leak causes include:

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• Loose Drain Valves: Once a drain valve is loose, it slowly and continually will leak water. It’s simple to stop a leaky drain valve – you just tighten it using a wrench. But it’s simple to over-tighten then damage the valve, and cause even further damage. If you see water leaking from the valve, have it repaired immediately.

• High Water Pressure: If your water heater tank builds up an overabundance of pressure inside, water is forced to leak out in an attempt to alleviate a bit of the pressure. Therefore, what will cause a rise in pressure? The most common excessive water pressure cause in the water heater tank is temperature. Once the temperature is set too high, it’ll cause an increase in pressure. If your temperature pressure relief valve is defective, it’ll cause an excessive pressure build up inside your water heater, ultimately causing a leak. You must occasionally check the hot water setting to ensure that it isn’t too high. One other factor is high water pressure from the outside water supply entering your home. It’s possible to observe the water pressure to your house using a pressure reader. A reading of 45 – 55 psi is perfect. If the water pressure exceeds 70 psi, you are at a greater risk of bursts or leaks, and not just in the water heater but also in each pipe.

• Age: Hot water heaters are usually built to last, but as they get older they start rusting and corroding. Once corrosion grows bad enough, it’ll cause your tank to spring a leak. A leak from corrosion is serious and shouldn’t be ignored, because the water continually will flow. Not keeping up on regular inspection and maintenance will permit build up to overrun the water heater. Water heaters must be replaced every ten years. Routine tank flushing and manufacturer’s suggested maintenance will help prolong the life of the water heater, and prevent water damage and leaks.

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