Why Does Hoarding Worsen with Age?

Hoarding behaviors may start as young as the mid-30s, and worsens with age, and leaves 70 percent of such individuals in their seventies impacted by the disorder, according to the latest studies. Hoarding behaviors impact 15 percent of all elderly people with depression, and 2 to 3 percent of the ones without, according to the University of California, in San Francisco. hoarding-removal-services

The ones impacted by hoarding will hang onto everything, which includes their child’s homework papers and assignments, and the collection of a number of items without value happens because of a hard time discarding them.

People impacted by hoarding collect a multitude of items without organizing them in their house. As the issue grows, it’ll prevent the person from doing daily activities, like bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc.

In the past, it was believed that hoarding was related to OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder; however, treatments which have worked on such patients proves to be ineffective with the ones impacted by hoarding.


How Does Hoarding Worsen with Age?

The main reason hoarding worsens with age is that this behavior is connected with a mental decline as they discover it more and more challenging to make decisions. Also, brain scans have displayed that the parts that are responsible for emotions, decision-making, organization, and attention are abnormal. In addition, hoarding behaviors are hereditary.

Other studies have shown that elderly individuals are faced with a substantial decline in the frequency and amount of social interactions and leaves them feeling lonely. In turn, they might begin behaving in ways which help them fight feelings of depression and isolation and collect all things from newspapers to animals.


Hoarding Services

While there are several house cleaning services, hoarding clean-up requires a different kind of cleaning, one involving a licensed and trained crew to work with the person impacted by hoarding. They have to know to treat the person with respect and compassion to conduct the service.

After reaching out to a family member about your concern for their safety and they’ve accepted help, it’s possible to search for a professional. Be careful while researching hoarding clean-up services. They mustn’t just be experienced and trained, yet also willing to work with your family member and place them in charge of the clean-up process, or else nothing will get done.