Why Should You Hire a Flood Damage Company When You Can do your Own Cleaning?

Sure, you are perfectly capable of pumping unwanted floodwater out of your premises. With some time and effort, you may achieve an apparently dry your home interior; but how do you assess the hidden damage caused by the flooding and how can you make your home free of the germs that come along as floodwater pours in? You have got more than just the natural reasons of comfort and convenience to get your home professionally treated in case of flood damage.

Traces of Damage that You Can’t See
Even after you clear out all visible dirt and moisture, some of it is bound to remain trapped in inaccessible corners, under furniture and inside carpets. As a result of this, problems like mold begin to develop after a while. To eliminate this risk, you must get your place cleaned by an experienced flood damage restoration professional.

Save Yourself the Serious Health Risks Associated with Flood Water
A water damage service provider like Triangle Legacy will professionally clean your home and make it healthy for everyone again. You can’t just rely on a superficial cleaning up on your own after an intrusive attack of flood water.

iStock_000009743420XSmallThe Most Contaminated of Water Makes its Way into Your House when Flood Strikes
It’s hard to imagine how threateningly contaminating flood water can be. It comes in from all sources ranging from harmless water from broken plumbing pipes to waste/used water laden with toxic pollutants. Floodwater is usually divided into three categories.

Category 1: This is the most benign of the three; it comprises water coming from broken pipes meant to carry fresh water. Therefore, it is likely to be free of contaminants.

Category 2: Also known as grey water, this one is coming from broken kitchen equipment like dishwashers and overflowing water closets. It does contain many sources of infection like harmful microorganisms.

Category 3: This category is that of ‘black water’. This source is outrageously dangerous and demands immediate professional cleaning. It comes from flooding water bodies and heavy rains.

At Triangle Legacy, We Leave Your Home Perfectly Dried and Fresh
We are thoroughly trained and experienced professionals dealing with flood damage restoration. We know exactly how to deal with an emergency situation and bring your home back to how it was before the water attack. You can expect safe, dry and fresh interiors after taking our flood damage repair service. Our most sincere recommendation: call an expert as soon as possible, else a simple chore that could be completed with minor restoration work could change into a mammoth project of complete replacements.