Will my homeowners cover all water damage expenses?

Will my homeowners cover all water damage expenses?

Homeowners insurance is designed to help protect your investment from unexpected expenses and repairs that might arise from something you had no control over. However, that doesn’t mean it is going to cover every little thing that might go wrong. There are always exceptions to the rule that you might not realize until it’s too late.

As a standard rule of thumb, your homeowners insurance will cover water damage that is accidental or sudden. Gradual water damage that occurs over time isn’t going to be covered by your policy, but a pipe that bursts suddenly will be covered. 

Some of the most common causes of denial by your homeowners insurance include:

  • Poor Maintenance – If you didn’t repair your leaky faucet and it caused extensive damage, your policy isn’t going to cover the damage caused.
  • Mold / Rotting – Any mold, rot, or corrosion that occurs from a water leak that wasn’t properly taken care of won’t be covered.
  • Broken Pipe – Pipes that break from gradual damage aren’t covered under your policy.
  • Foundation Seepage – If water leaks into your home due to a crack in the foundation, your policy isn’t going to cover the damage caused.
  • Roof Damage – If a tree were to cause damage to your roof, the repairs would be covered under your policy. However, things like mold wouldn’t be covered under most policies.

Almost all policies won’t provide coverage for normal wear and tear items, regardless of the type of coverage, policy, or limits you have in place. However, there are a few exclusions to the rule where gradual damage can be covered. You would need to speak with your insurance carrier to determine the extent of the damage and what you are going to be held liable for in terms of repairs.

The best thing to do is to have a professional come out and assess the extent of the damage so you know what you are dealing with and how to best proceed with repairs.

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