Winter Pests? See How They Might Be Affecting Your Heating System

professional air duct cleaningAs the days get colder, new guests might be curious about calling your house home: Those pests from the outdoors may cause damage, particularly to the heating system you are using to keep your house warm. It might be all too common in the wintertime! Take steps to prevent them from entering your house in the winter, and it’s possible to put a stop to issues like the following:

Rodents inside Duct Work

Air ducts carry air all throughout your home after it has been heated and are an important part of your HVAC system. But over a period of time duct work may develop cracks, or pests might find their way inside. Once inside the duct work, rodents rapidly set up shop: They’ve discovered a safe, dark space that is consistently treated to warm air, so from their viewpoint it looks like heaven. It’s how mice, squirrels, rats, and other rodents construct their nests inside duct work, and it is an issue we see often.

The best way to prevent such problems is to ensure that your duct work is correctly sealed and installed, and that all gaps or cracks are swiftly repaired. Air duct cleaning will help fix any existing problems.

Insects inside Vents

Rodents are not the only ones that may cause issues with duct work and vents. Various spiders and insects also enjoy seeking out vent systems for their warmth. Here’s the good news: those insects do not do much physical damage to the duct work. But homeowners occasionally make the mistake of attempting to treat those infestations by spraying pesticides down the vents. Unfortunately, it’s a huge mistake that will wind up blowing harmful chemicals around your house for the remainder of winter and might require air duct cleaning to completely remove. Instead, search for screens that it’s possible to install over vents and other steps to keep them out in the first place!

Bugs inside Heating Units

Most bugs also look for a cozy shelter for winter, which includes silverfish, stinkbugs, cockroaches, and other irritating species. Those bugs frequently go directly for heating units such as water heaters and furnaces. When that happens, it quickly can become an issue: Those units depend on advanced electronics and sensors to effectively do their jobs. Bugs might destroy more sensitive systems inside heating systems and keep them from properly working, so they’ll require repairs and diagnostics. Avoid that by ensuring your house is well sealed for wintery conditions.