Winterizing Your Home: The Obvious & Not So Obvious!

winterNot all surprises are welcome, but ‘Old Man Winter’ must have missed that Memo because he brings them all……the good, the bad AND the ugly!
We may not be able to beat him at his game, but we can certainly mitigate the effect of his surprises……IF we are pro-active!

As we speak, winter is technically upon us! This year, (at least in the Washington Metropolitan Area of the United States), we are still trying to figure out the appropriate dress code for the day! So there is no telling that we might wake up tomorrow morning all snowed in!

So the question is……. Is your home ready?

With over 18 years of experience, we at Triangle Legacy have gotten pretty good at ‘beating’ ‘Old Man Winter’ to his game. So here are a few tips to help you get your home ready for the season.


TIP #1: Water Lines

  • Make sure you turn off any exterior water spigots and drain any hoses. Stow the latter away neatly after draining. This tip also applies to sprinkler systems and air conditioner pipes.
  • No one should have to deal with frozen and broken pipes……ever!

Tip #2: Seal the Leaks

  • A bucket laden with holes is analogous to a home riddled with leaks! Just as you cannot expect the bucket to hold its water, neither can you expect the home to hold its warmth! Not to mention that a ‘leaky’ home is a definite prerequisite to a cold and expensive winter!
  • Now, although you can easily dispose of a ‘hole-y’ bucket, that truth does not realistically stand for a leaky home.
  • There are some simple solutions however like the ‘draft snake’ which is a quick fix to keeping out the draft!
  • You could either purchase these from a store like Home Depot or make them yourself!
  • A couple of ‘good old’ rolled up towels is a perfect place to start!


Tip #3: Dead Tree Limbs

  • Be very conscientious about any dead tree branches that are hanging directly over or too close to your home. During a winter storm, these branches are very likely to fall on roofs, gutters, decks, cars and even unsuspecting passersby and subsequently cause unimaginable damage!
  • The early Fall, would be a good time to perform a visual inspection of the area surrounding your home and making the necessary arrangements to have these potentially hazardous branches removed

Tip #4: Furnace Filters

  • Dirty filters both restrict airflow and increase energy demand. In other words, they can potentially make you and everyone else in your home sick as well as run up your energy bill!
  • A quick and painless fix is to clean or replace your filters frequently during the winter months. Once a month is ideal.
  • Also, consider switching to HEPA filters, as these have a higher capacity to remove harmful airborne particles that you would otherwise be breathing in!

Tip #5: MOLD Alert!

  • Piggybacking off of Tips #1 and #4, mold can grow as a result of undetected water damage. Once its spores are released into the ventilation system of your home, you and your loved ones become susceptible to a myriad of respiratory problems. Although a good HEPA filter can control the amount of harmful airborne particles released, if you discover any evidence of mold in your home, you would need to undergo mold remediation to be in the clear.

These are just a few things to think about. Obviously, there are so many more to consider, ranging from checking your Carbon Monoxide detectors (and replacing old batteries) to installing storm windows and doors!

At Triangle Legacy, we focus on taking care of you, so that you can take care of yours! For a free consultation and estimate please contact us Toll Free at 1-800-830-3324. We currently service the Washington Metropolitan Area.